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The Malaysia-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (“MVCC”) is an international, non-profit, private-sector business association devoted to enhancing Vietnam – Malaysia bilateral trade. It comprises of members from various industries such as electrical and electronics, construction, infrastructure, energy, banking, agriculture and fishery.

MVCC aims to be the catalyst in providing Malaysian business with networking, knowledge exchange, bilateral trading assistance and support and protecting the interest of MVCC member companies. Its member companies are leaders in their respective fields allowing for an unparalleled exchange of knowledge and experience on trade and investments between the two countries.

MVCC’s goal is always to support the best interests of our members by ensuring that we understand their needs. MVCC offers members the opportunity to promote their business through dialogs with the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and trade and investment related forums and seminars.

To find out more about our services and what we can do to assist your business, please contact sec@mvcc.my.

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